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I work with private companies, agencies and individuals in a wide variety of fields to help them deliver their message in a clear and timely manner.

Language pairs

  • English—French
  • French—English
  • Italian—French

French is my mother tongue and still plays a very important part in my life but having lived and worked in England for over three decades, I am perfectly bilingual.

Agencies are perfect if you require a multilingual translation. However, if you have a project in a particular language, by employing an independent professional, you will cut out the middle person, lower your costs and often get a more personal service.



Translation or transcreation?

What is the difference between a translation and a transcreation?

Whilst a good translation will undoubtedly convey your message and require a certain amount of localisation (measurements, currencies etc.), a transcreation will take it a step further. By being even more creative, a transcreation will resonate with your target market. Far from losing its essence, the core text will be adapted to reflect the local vernacular, humour and emotional intent, thereby optimising your message.

Uses of transcreation

Generally used in marketing and advertising, a transcreation will focus more on the emotional aspects of the content, in an effort to influence your clients’ behaviour.

A translation will suffice for generic contents and conveying simple messages.

Transcreation can also be taken a step further and involve backtranslation, allowing the client to understand the meaning of the transcreated text. With this type of transcreation it is not uncommon to offer several options, thereby giving the client the opportunity to choose the text they deem best suited to their target audience. This is generally used for straplines, titles, mission statements etc. Requiring more time, it is generally more expensive.

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Proofreading can be a bit of a minefield depending on the source and the quality of the translation (human/AI) and will be treated on an individual basis.

Industry sectors

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